A New Perspective: Things to Do & Ways to Give in Toledo This Week

Dated: June 4 2020

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It's Friday, Toledo! Over here, it has been a week of learning, listening and self reflection. Followed by learning how to implement what I’ve heard and learned.  It’s been a week full of conversations that I’m sad it took such tragedies to happen for me to start feeling “comfortable” enough to speak up about.  Really, I can’t call it “comfortable”, but comfort is the smallest of sacrifices that we can make right now. No matter your background, if you speak up, you never know who you may be able to impact. You may say something in a way that resonates with someone who hasn’t heard it that way. Because of that, I’m willing to get uncomfortable because the more of us that do, the better chance we have at making actual, necessary changes in our community.  And I hope you are too. Before we speak, it’s important to get educated.  

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This blog post is dedicated to amplifying the voices that need to be heard right now and to sharing resources that will help everyone learn from our nation’s tragic past and current issues with racism.

In no way is this a comprehensive list of ways to help, please be responsible to do your own research if this does not resonate with you and find a way to take action.

  • WTOL has put together an amazing list of black-owned businesses in our area, which you can find here!  Save this for now and for future use! (Remember, this support should be constant, not just right now when everyone has it top of mind.)

  • Take a drive through downtown Perrysburg and admire the canvas portraits that are displayed in the businesses’ windows.  The canvases are from local artist, Robert David Vanitvelt and they are portraits of African Americans who have shaped our culture in the United States. 

  • Pick up a book to learn more about the importance of this movement and the history of it.  Some suggestions:  “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo, PhD., “So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo, and “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison.

  • Watch something you can learn from.  Some suggestions: “13th” and “When They See Us” on Netflix.

  • On June 9th from 6-7pm, join this Zoom. -> “Next week, The Mercedes Wilson Show will be hosting a live Q and A on the black experience in America and also give you the answers to "how you can help when you don't understand". The panel will be upfront but respectful while answering the tough questions that so many non black people have been asking behind closed doors for years. We promise to unpack this and open the lines of communication to bring about the change we so desperately want to see and experience. Join us!”  You can register for the Zoom link, here.

  • On June 11th, Axiom Lux is hosting and online event called a Sisterhood Gathering. Diana Patton will be leading the gathering focused on supporting people of color in this time.  You can find the link for that, here. 

For more resources and ways to give in regards to our community & racism:

  • Planned Parenthood Ohio has developed a list of resources, bail out funds, events and more, which I have linked here.

  • medium.com has put together a long list of “Healing Resources for BIPOC Organizers & Allies Taking Action for Black Lives”, which you can find here.

Ways to give back to our community struck by COVID-19:

  • There’s a new movement called “Toledo Plus One” where you can donate to provide meals for local healthcare workers and first-responders. Even better, all food is purchased from local restaurants!

  • The Toledo Food Bank has a virtual food drive aimed to support the increased need for food in our community. This is a great way to support them in a safe manner and it capitalizes on the bulk purchasing power of the food bank. (For $1, they can provide 5 meals!)

  • ProMedica is collecting homemade fabric masks at bins near the entrances of many health facility locations. Click here for the information and locations.

  • Fowl and Fodder created a new service called 4-1-Dine. It’s an online shop selling groceries, everyday essentials (yes, like toilet paper) and meals.  They deliver or you can pick up curbside at their downtown location.  With that, the created The 4-1-Dine Community Care Fund with Mosaic Ministries to get meals to families who desperately need it. All orders over $44.19 will give $4.19 to the fund and you can choose to donate more at check out.

  • Sylvania Nutrition is doing a Pay It Forward Program. You can select an essential worker and sponsor a tea (or 10!) to send to them! Check the details out here.

  • United Way has a sign up page to volunteer to pass out meals to children in need in our area.  You can also make a financial donation to them, here. Lastly, you can buy this special t-shirt form Jupmode and all proceeds will go to the United Way Emergency Response Fund, 2020.

It has been a very, very impactful and hard year for the majority of people in our community.  I hope you're all doing okay and trying to see the positive things that will come out of this.  I'll leave you with this last quote and I hope it gives you comfort. 


If you have questions about any of the things that are happening in our community - including real estate - I’m here to help!


Call or text me anytime! 567-694-9610

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